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Dan Steingart

Dan Steingart

The City College of New York

Phone: (212) 650-7146

Research Interest

The relationship between energy and materials, particularly in the electrochemical domain, with an emphasis on novel electrochemical energy storage systems. His Energy Institute research focuses on printed microstructured electrodes as well as large-scale electrochemical energy storage.

DAN STEINGART, an assistant professor in chemical engineering at The City College of New York and at the CUNY Energy Institute, has an ScB in engineering from Brown University and MS and PhD degrees in materials science from the University of California at Berkeley. As a senior applications engineer at Sentilla in Redwood City, Calif., Steingart developed wireless sensor networks, including micropower management, sensor development, and network integration. He also was a lecturer at the University of California Berkeley, teaching an upper-division materials production course, and as a post-doctoral specialist at Berkeley, he ran a lab specializing in printing standard and novel materials for energy production, including batteries, capacitors, thermoelectrics and piezoelectrics. Steingart is the co-founder of Wireless Indstrial Technologies, a Berkeley company that uses wireless mesh networks to optimize electricity use and minimize emissions in large-scale, distributed primary metals production plants. In 2005, he was a researcher for the Nanotechnology Research Institute AIST in Tsukuba, Japan, where he worked on a purely additive process to printed nano-structured and micron-structured conductive and dielectric elements, as well as electrochemical structures.