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The CUNY Energy Institute produces cutting-edge research and develops innovative sustainable energy technologies that have practical and economical applications. Led by the renowned chemical engineering professor Sanjoy Banerjee, the Institute offers world-class opportunities to top-notch students: the chance to work side-by-side with a multidisciplinary faculty from CUNY's New York City campuses, and to be part of one of the nation's most ambitious and innovative energy research organizations.

Super Battery

The Institute puts its energy into one
of the world’s most compelling scientific
quests: The race to develop a battery
that can power a high-rise building.
We’re not talking double-A’s here.




CUNY Battery Breakthrough Published in Nature Communications

A low-cost, nonflammable battery with a high energy density and the capability of thousands of more recycling cycles than any comparable battery to come out of a laboratory has been developed by researchers at The City University of New York’s Energy Institute.... >>

Metacapacitors in MIT Technology Review

In today’s electrified economy, power conversion—converting electricity between different levels of voltage and current— is the vital link between sources of electric power and the loads they serve. The market for electric power converters is large and growing, with the LED power supply market alone projected to reach $10Bn by 2016. ... >>
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CUNY Advanced Science Research Center (ASRC)

It's the centerpiece of the University's $1 billion investment in research facilities.

Race for the Super Battery

How the Energy Institute is helping lead the charge in a global drive to develop very big batteries in small packages. >>

Prospective Students

Got questions? Get answers from Joshua Gallaway, a member of our research team who's a doctor of chemical engineering and a master of information.